It’s time once again to honor the special people in our lives! And although to most people that means their spouses and sweethearts, we at Loyalty Insurance are sending love to our dedicated staff who work so hard to take care of our valued clients. We know that you have a choice when it comes to insurance companies – you want honest, trustworthy and empathetic people. We are proud to be represented by the most caring and hard-working staff out there! Read more about a few of our incomparable team members!

Les Hooper– A vintage aficionado and skilled woodworker! With a passion for classic motorcycles and cars, Les has been a proud member of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America since ’99. When he is isn’t restoring bikes or cars, you’ll find him in his workshop, creating stunning woodwork pieces. Les lives for the thrill of the ride and the satisfaction of handcrafted beauty.

Rachel Ostroski– Rachel is a holistic health enthusiast and passionate educator in Christian ministry. Music is her soul’s language—She sang and played guitar on worship teams in Metro Detroit. Currently, Rachel is honing her storytelling skills to connect with people from all walks of life.

Shelley Ficano– Shelley is deeply involved in her church, teaching Sunday School and spreading joy. In her free time, she plays the organ, enjoys spending time with animals, and loves to read. She is always ready to chat about faith, music, and your furry friends!

Sue Acerrano-Frank– Sue is a very proud grandmother of 4 grandkids and spends all her free time surrounded by loved ones, making memories and having a blast with fun activities. Her family also includes her dog, Judd!

Each and every day, these staff members strive to make sure you, your family and assets are protected against We_LOVE_Our_Staff!whatever obstacles may come your way. They spend countless hours making sure you are choosing the right coverage at the right price to meet your budget. They are here for you and we at Loyalty Insurance couldn’t be more grateful for their work! Let them start helping you with all your insurance needs today! (734) 667-1846